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Atropine Injection, BP – Ampoule

  Class Anticholenergic and Antimuscarinic.  

Solution does not contain any antimicrobial agent, or bacteriostat. It is intended as a single dose ampoule. When smaller dosage is needed, remaining solution should be discarded.

  Contra-Indications Atropine should not be given to patients with closed-angle glaucoma, with myasthenia gravis, with prostatic enlargement. Atropine should not be given to patients who are being treated with a monoamine-oxidase inhibitor, or within ten days of the discontinuation of such treatment  
  Indications Before the induction of general anaesthesia.
In patients with an acute myocardial infarction who have developed a bradycardia or atrioventricular block.
For the treatment of intoxication with cholinesterase inhibitors and for intoxication by Amanita muscaria and other mushroom poisonings where the toxic agent is a muscarine-like compound.


Adults: Premedication, IV 0.3-0.6mg immediately before induction of anaesthesia and incremental doses of 0.1mg for the treatment of bradycardia – IM 0.3-0.6mg 30-60 minutes before induction.


How Supplied


Product No

Description Strength Size Unit of Sale  


Single Dose








  Atropine 0.6mg/mL  

Sodium Chloride

To render solution isotonic  
  In Water for injection 0ml  


  Information provided for marketing  purpose only.


Consult physician for proper administration.


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