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Diazepam Injection, BP

  Class Sedative, Hypnotic, Anti-Convulsant  
  Description Diazepam is a frequently prescribed medication to treat anxiety and stress. In emergency care, it is used to treat alcohol withdrawal and grand mal seizure activity.  

Short term treatment of anxiety, psychaitric disorders, associated with anxiety, febrile convulsions.
IV: is given at the large vein at a rate of NOT more than 5mg/minute for severe acute anxeity, acute panic attacks.

  Contraindication Respiratory depression, acute pulmonary insufficiency, severe hepatic impairment.  

How Supplied


Product No

Description Strength Size Unit of Sale  


Single Dose








  Diazepam 5mg/mL  
  Propylene Glycol 40.00%  
  Ethyl Alcohol 5.00%  
  Sodium Benzoate & benzoic Acid    
  Benzyl Alcohol    


  Information provided for marketing  purpose only.


Consult physician for proper administration.


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