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Tejay Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an American investment, founded in 1994 to fill the need for supplying selected sterile, pyrogen (endotoxin) free injectable drug products by manufacturing in Zambia. In addition we import and distribute ethical medicine, and surgical supplies.

Tejay is registered with Investment Centre of Zambia in February'94. The project has been approved and sponsored by International Executive Service Corps (IESC), supporting with technical assistance. To accomplish our objective and the mission, Tejay received technical assistance from the volunteer executive from the International Executive Service Corps, Dr. Charles Kolstad, who has vast experience in the startup of pharmaceutical plant throughout the world.

Manufacturing facility is located in the Chinika Industrial area in the western part of Lusaka, on Plot No. 12147, Near Chinika Basic School, Off Mumbwa Road.




Tejay follows internationally accepted cGMP in the manufacturing processes as well as Quality assurance.

Tejay's most important manufacture is the antibiotics, anti-malarial in 2ml to 50ml vials or ampoules. Primary focus, since the inception of the company is to produce quality injectable products, assuring that product is sterile and pyrogen free. All the products are manufactured and packaged in the production facility in Lusaka. It all begins with our team members; knowledgeable, committed and passionate about the quality that leaves the manufacturing area.

Manufacturing of our products is made in batches. For each batch, the production department issues a production order, and a master batch production record is kept in the batch production master file. The batch production record has all the necessary detailed instructions to guarantee reproducibility from batch to batch. Every step of the manufacturing process, our dedicated team members keep the mission statement in mind; to produce quality products so that it will retain it's purity and effectiveness throughout the shelf-life.





Finn-Aqua, Made in Finland, Distillation plant has an hourly capacity to produce 660 liters of pyrogen free, Water for Injection, meeting international requirement of WFI.


Cozolli FPS2 - Made in USA, can fill 2ml to 20ml ampoules up to 3,000,000 containers per month depending upon the size and volume.


Adtech Vial filer - Made in USA, can fill, and seal 2ml to 100ml glass vials from 50,000 to 500,000 per month.


Chemistry and microbiology laboratory is well equipped to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis.




Quality control department is in charge of analyzing the incoming raw materials; including bulk pharmaceuticals chemicals, containers, closures, labeling and packaging material as well as approval or rejection of the finished product for distribution.

Quality control uses official, international analytical methods adopted from the International Pharmacopoeia, or British Pharmacoepia. Quality control also uses USP reference standards for the analysis of the raw materials and products.

Tejay recognize the importance of quality in the pharmaceutical product it manufactures, So from the design of the plant up to the quality system Tejay has been preparing the procedures to obtain the ISO certificate.

To achieve this goal, Tejay has selected most of the equipment from the United States, and Finland. Water For Injection (WFI) is the primary raw material in small volume parenterals. Finn-Aqua, state of the art, five-column distillation plant is used to manufacture sterile, pyrogen-free water. The water quality produced by this unit complies with the International standards for "Water For Injection". Quality of air is also a significant element in the production facility, especially in the filling suites, which are classified as Class 100 environment. Most of the products listed here will be terminally sterilized in an autoclave.

Quality control laboratory is equipped with electronic instruments to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis. QC Lab ensures the testing and process monitoring in accordance with customer and product requirements. QC department can back assurance system and concise documentation at all the stages of processing.


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